Kelchner's NEW Squeeze Line-up

Kelchner's now offers our tasty flavors in convenient squeeze bottles, perfect for every family meal.
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Kelchner's Tartar Sauce in a new squeezable container has a creamy texture with a distinctive tartness and bright flavor. Gluten Free.

Kelchner's Spicy Sriracha Sauce in a new squeezable container is a perfect combination of spicy, creamy and tangy with a great chili flavor. Gluten Free.

Kelchner's Hot Mustard is back and in a new squeezable container. This mustard has a smooth texture with bold heat and a savory mustard flavor - not for amateurs! Gluten Free.

Kelchner's Marinade Family

Enjoy the flavors of Kelchner with several delicious Marinades & Dipping Sauces.
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Lemon Dill - Give seafood, chicken and vegetables a bright, fresh flavor with our creamy, zesty lemon dill marinade and sauce.

orseradish Remoulade - Smooth and savory with a subtle horseradish flavor, this sauce is a delicious dip for breaded seafood and french fries or as a topping on roast beef.

Pineapple Teriyaki - A fusion of pineapple and savory teriyaki is a perfect way to zest up meats and seafood on the grill.

Shrimp Scampi - So easy and delicious, our shrimp scampi sauce is like having a gourmet chef in a bottle. Simply sauté shrimp and pour this sauce in the pan to finish.

Honey Ginger - This sweet and tangy marinade and sauce is great as a topping and as an ingredient in your recipes.

Kelchner's Featured on A Taste of New York for a Second Time

A Taste of New York Feature
Both our Spicy Sriracha Sauce and our horseradish Steak Sauce are highlighted at the Wayfair Restaurant.

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Kelchner's Featured on TV Show: A Taste of New York

A Taste of New York Feature
Host Aton Maiti highlights our Spicy Sriracha Sauce and takes a trip to popular NYC restaurant, Greenwich Project. There, Executive Chef Carmine Di Giovanni creates a delicious dish using our Creamy Horseradish Sauce.

Check it out! Kelchner's Video Feature


NEW! Kelchner's Spicy Sriracha Sauce

Addictively Spicy!
Our Thai inspired Spicy Sriracha Sauce is made from sun ripened chilies and garlic blended into a rich and creamy dressing. This sauce provides a flavorful and convenient way to spice up a variety of everyday meals.  It's a perfect complement for fried calamari, fish tacos, crab cakes, and lobster rolls. It provides an easy way to add new interest to old favorites like sandwiches, wraps and burgers.

Learn more about Kelchner's Spicy Sriracha Sauce.

Kelchner's Won Gold at 2010 World-Wide Mustard Competition!

Kelchner's Hot Mustard
Won gold in the horseradish category at the 14th annual Napa Valley World-Wide Mustard Competition.  350 mustards from 10 countries were judged by a panel of food critics and chefs to determine the best mustards in19 categories.  This is the first year Kelchner's has submitted hot mustard into the competition only to bring home a gold medal.

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First New Kelchner's Product Since 1938!

Kelchner's Horseradish Sauce
Creamy horseradish sauce mixed with a touch of cracked black pepper.  Perfect for prime rib, roast beef sandwiches, baked ham, pork tenderloin and smoked fish.  Look for this new product in the refrigerated section of your local market.  For ordering information please contact us at 800.424.1952.

Learn more about Kelchner's Horseradish Sauce.